Jewish Mindfulness Meditation

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In this world of text messaging, cell phones, Skype, Facebook, we are connected to the far reaches of this planet or just around the corner. Through the use of the internet, there is nothing we can’t discover and learn about ourselves or our world. Our days seem to dissolve into weeks, months and years. Life seems so complex, chaotic and dysfunctional.  Are we really connected to what is important?

Mindfulness meditation helps quiet the mind, brings peace and love, and grows souls. Meditation transforms your state of being from the mundane to the sacred. Your life becomes a blessings filled with the presence of G-d, evoking love and compassion for everyone. It unites your spirit and motivates your soul to reach out to repair the world (tikkun olam).

Please take this moment to learn a meditation technique and/or chant. You can download my meditation chants and continue this practice at home. Meditation is all about the breath. When a thought or feeling arises, just witness it and gently go back to your breath, breathing in and breathing out. Feeling thankful that you have breath, that you are alive! Are you breathing, or are you being breathed?

Ahavah V’shalom
      1. Cantor_Lynda_Hope_Dresher_-_Ahavah_V'shalom_-_11
Harfu Chant
      2. Cantor_Lynda_Hope_Dresher_-_Harfu_Chant_-_12
Elohai N’shamah
      3. Cantor_Lynda_Hope_Dresher_-_Elohai_N'shamah_-_13
Eyn Od Meditation Chant
      4. Cantor_Lynda_Hope_Dresher_-_Eyn_Od_Meditation_Chant_-_14

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