Grief Recovery Specialist™

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read about the Grief Recovery Method™ Outreach Program. GROUPS ARE NOW FORMING FOR THE NEW YEAR!

I am excited about offering this valuable program. I have been trained as a Grief Recovery Specialist™ through the Grief Recovery Institute™. During my training, I discovered my unresolved feelings around a life-time of losses. I was able to share my “growing up story” and chart relationships in a safe environment with other grievers who listened with an open heart, without talking, judging or advising. This was extremely healing for me and this program is available to you, too.

The program explains that society does not encourage emotions and our physical health is compromised as a result. The analogy they use is one of a steam kettle with a cork in it. The steam has no where to go so we explode or implode. Personally, I held in my emotions and intellectually dealt with “IT”. My unspoken feelings have manifested as acid reflux, inflammation in my muscles, atrial fibrillation and migraine headaches.

It was explained that we also use short term energy releasing behaviors called “STERBS” to cover up our feelings. Over 60% of the population is obese! We over-eat, take drugs or alcohol to excess, over-work, make inappropriate jokes, watch too much television, use technology to excess, etc. The program also discusses the Myths about grief – “grieve alone, be strong for others, bury our feelings, time heals all wounds, replace the loss.” How many times have you heard a person say how difficult it was to put their dog to sleep but ran right out to get another one?

The program defines grief as “conflicting feelings caused by a change or end to a familiar pattern of behavior.” This applies to 43 losses, including death, divorce or end of a relationship, loss of a career, loss of a home, loss of trust, loss of faith, loss of safety, loss of health. People say we have to let go and move on in our lives but they don’t tell us how to do it.

I have experienced this program and have been trained to help you speak your emotional truth in a safe environment. Please see the attached flier and sign up today. You can move past your emotional pain and feel healthier and happier.

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